Norwegian Salmon’s versatility is the key culinary quality for its successful integration into other cultures. Because Norwegian Salmon are raised in the ice-old waters of Norway’s coastline, they have a distinctive well-balanced flavor.





  • $ 428.00 $ 335.00 / kilo
    • **請於三個工作天前落單
    • Chilled, about 2 to 2.5 kilos per piece, skin-on. Sold as one piece.
    • Refrigerate up to 2 days only, otherwise freeze if not to be used within a couple of days.
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  • $ 240.00 $ 210.00 / jar
    • Chilled, bright orange colour, vibrant marine flavour, perfect as an appetizer.
    • Product imported from France.


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  • $ 330.00 / kilo
    • **請於三個工作天前落單
    • Norwegian smoked salmon, sliced, about 1.3 to 1.8 kilos per side. Chilled, sold as one side.
    • Unused portion can be frozen and safely defrosted slowly in the refrigerator.

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  • $ 320.00 / kilo


    Chilled, superior quality, from sustainable aqauculture, about 6 kilos per piece. Head-on, tail-on.  Flown in daily.

    A most elegant, easy to prepare entrée.  Serve with dill cream sauce, mango citrus salsa, or lime ginger sauce.

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