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We are one of Hong Kong's leading purveyors of Caviar from sustainable farm raised sturgeon, and our Caviar is enjoyed at the finest tables in restaurants, hotels, clubs and private homes.

Available in 10g (only Oscietra), 30g, 50g, and 100g tins. Please call us for prices!

Proudly providing Hong Kong with sustainable meat & seafood and renewable organics. The decision we make will affect the generations to come.
Beluga Caviar
Beluga Caviar

The largest, rarest and most famous of the sturgeons producing large, very delicate beluga caviar. Nutty and subtle flavoured roe from the Huso Huso sturgeon, farmed in German sustainable aquaculture.

German Beluga 30g
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German Beluga 50g
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German Beluga 100g
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Siberian Caviar
Siberian Caviar

German Siberian Caviar 30g
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German Siberian Caviar 50g
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German Siberian Caviar 100g
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Oscietra Caviar
Oscietra Caviar

Medium-sized caviar from the waxdick sturgeon (Acipenser gueldenstaedtii), farmed in German sustainable aquaculture. The oscietra caviar has a fruity, nutty tang, promising a lot of pop. The colour of the roe varies from dark to golden brown. It has been called as 'the jazz of caviar, the connoisseur's choice'.

German Oscietra 30g
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German Oscietra 50g
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German Oscietra 100g
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