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  • $ 45.00 /box
    • Frozen.
    • Topped with truffle and mushroom, full of flavour.
    • Suitable for air-fryer and oven.
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  • $ 330.00 / kilo

    Protected designation of origin (PDO) Parmesan cheese, duly controlled and certified.   Sold as 1 whole wedge, about 1 to 1.5 kilos.

    Hard granular with a sharp fruity and nutty flavor.

    Grate over pasta, mix with soups or risottos. Serve as an appetizer with balsamic vinegar, with salads, fruits or vegetables.

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  • $ 89.00 /pack
    • Creamy and soft with displaying strong black truffle flavours.
    • Product from the UK.
    • Chilled. 200g/piece.
    • **Sold as a piece. 
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